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In the winter of 1998, Mr. Yang who majors in fine chemical engineering established a small family processing workshop in a private house of less than 150 square meters. He was engaged in making fragrance trinkets and processing for customers to earn weak rewards. He has only two employees. Deeply did he know the pains of life and entrepreneurship, he worked hard day and night.
In 2000 winter, he moved into a new working place. It is still a workshop of less than 330 square meters. The number of employees expanded to four. Even though it is not rich, it registered the trademark "Scents Hill". They began planning their own products and applied for the first patent. From then on, the workshop created its first product. They worked hard but happily.  
In the winter of 2003, the workshop moved again to the industrial zone. At that time it just looked like a factory. Along with the increase of processing orders and the orders of own-brand products, our colleagues added to eight people. The exquisite processing technology, serious working attitude and excellent service won everyone's recognition. What’s more, it established long-term cooperative relationship with the French MANE Flavors and Fragrances Company.  
Another winter three years later, the small factory to move again to a relatively large plant with 1,200 square meters. Meanwhile we applied for the second trademark "Fragrant Workshop" in the United States and China. It is used to produce no-fire aromatherapy, fragrance spray and other upper-middle-quality products. At this time, the factory owned seven patents and had developed various aromatherapy products and spray. Besides, it established long-term cooperative relationship with Switzerland Firmenich Flavors and Fragrances Company. There are seventeen employees; the factory is still busy every day.  
In 2009 winter, the factory migrated once again. The manual machines of the factory were replaced by the basic automation equipment. Standardized operations made our products improve greatly. We had our own import and export rights, and then the factory registered the third trademark "Enjoy Everyday" to present our high-end market products. The employees increased to 52. It established cooperative relationship with IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Besides, it did OEM and customized products for many well-known international companies.
At this point, I really want to say: Thanks to our buyers! Your company all the way encourages us to go further. Thanks to our material supporters! You still make everything in perfect order under our harsh quality requirements. Thanks to all the employees for carving out each excellent product. With your support, we have been moving forward and will never stop

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