Rose ___ sexy roses throughout, the first taste into the brilliant French roses, roses and other elements of pure fantasy; attendant flavor is nothing ethereal jasmine petals carries an elegant lily of the valley, gentle indulge in magical journey, then melted in a sexy gentle rose village; after taste blend of rose, peach and oak moss warmth; whole people feel the smell of ripe and generous with a hint of naughty cute, exudes a subtle, charming, no temperament to resist

Lavender ___ unique aroma of lavender, peppermint camphor in a little spicy, light sweet extreme. Its leaves and flowers hidden in the many invisible oil glands, touch will emit fragrance. Tired of spirituality in floral re Shuzhan Feng Ying together. Lavender is abnormal exuberant vitality, perhaps it is accidentally falling into mortal wizard, is God in the form of vegetation penalty, but secretly retained the precious aroma and willowy flowers, waiting for simple and kind people.

Jasmine Jasmine ___ Each one is a pure and beautiful Snow White. She is not sexy, she is often a good heart. Immaculate body, there is no contamination in the morning sun exposed horizon that moment, it will pose the most beautiful, the most brilliant smile to greet the rising sun and the release of the body's scent, to give people a fresh morning, it is the spirit Dousou, relaxed and happy.

Lily Lily ___ Seoul, Hong Cong, a powder Changchun. Church worthy of laughter old turtle, joy not remember the poor.
Lily, although not luxurious colors, no rich aroma, but with immaculate character and unique flavor refreshing unwavering pursuit touched people's hearts

Lily of the valley___A dense blossoming flowers, like little bells evoke happiness, exudes fresh, floral, seemed to express a strong desire to want to "seize happiness", dazed and quiet, Ruoyouruowu seems too noble and not accessible, it just like is so elegant and gentle femininity with gentle, yet carefree romantic, slowly blooming with charming atmosphere.

Red apples in the sunshine extraordinarily attractive, looks so likable. Wind and sun, spring planting harvest; weather, Fruitful. A year of hard work finally paid off on this day, even the smallest apple, but also a greater joy can release the fragrance. At this moment, the apple flavor is happy, joy, and a heady sweet.


Magnolia ___
How many people remembered the cherry tree rustled and fell, but not to interfere shorter flowering magnolia. Not like cherry pull off, as if to shake out all the tears so unsympathetic people put good flower garden trees shake off overnight, some touching, but it would be hypocritical; do not like Chrysanthemum, and would rather hold incense dead branches, tough a showdown with the wind, feel free Fragrance skinny.

Orchid ___
her holier than snow, more dignified than the clouds - she was blooming orchids, flower holy earth. Portland, with its fragrant pale Ya got people of all ages, not only the ancient Dan Cherish whom ink brush, but writers and poets recite object. Is Qinren incense, incense cordial, as people love and affection of incense, intoxicating fragrance, how can one not be charmed, fascinated.

One clear sweet fragrance make people feel very comfortable, when you want to go carefully fathom that kind of scent, she was gone, and so once you taste it, you will want to have a sense of smiling

Sea breeze___
This is a spring biased neutral taste fresh, subtle blend of floral flavor of the sea, fresh orange blossom and roses contains fresh citrus fruit, allowing you to re-read a calm atmosphere, aquatic, green even more peace of mind, soothing relaxation, like exposure dream seaside, relaxed and happy as a resort-like

Violet___In the
wind sweet smile. Its floral breeze away, the wind had, it is still smiling Iraqis in the flowers. In its world, intoxicating aroma so you can not leave the inside. Endless ground violets breathe the fresh air. Everything is so beautiful and moving

Composite sandalwood incense and musk, there are low-key luxury partial neutral sense; its first taste into the cloves along with herbs, lily of the valley aroma; assertive flavor make cedar, iris combined with roses, understated but elegant perfect confidence balance. After the taste of the quiet woods grown up perfectly sustained exudes a unique elegance; overall flavor gives a warm, calm feeling, forget all the unpleasant, enjoy life.

Forest___New luteolin wrapped in lemon, revealing delicate, simple temperament; velvety sandalwood and amber mellow Yufu complementary mixing a mysterious atmosphere, the contemporary urban white-collar fortitude, calm and sensual fully exposed, bringing people can not forget the unique character and rich content

Enticement___Rich in citrus sour green apple with bright and fragrant; the tone light and bright flowers, plants with little aroma; tailwater calm atmosphere of calm, bears warm amber, sandalwood and musk ethereal natured .

Top notes: green apple, bergamot, lemon, citrus
Middle notes: jasmine, freesia, rose, lily of the valley
End notes: amber, cedar, sandalwood, musk

Cotton___Refreshing fragrance, like a wind dance dandelion white in the sun, bringing unparalleled relaxation, elegance and calm on its head; exudes top notes of orchid and comfort perfectly clear, bright tone on the like exposure to the sun, warm and quiet, revealing the natural casual atmosphere.

Top notes: lemon, green, orchid, aldehydic
Middle notes: jasmine, orchid, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, orange blossom, fruit
End notes: musk, vetiver, cedar, vanilla, tonka bean

Grapefruit___The sun pink grapefruit, mandarin orange peel mixed with fresh sweet and uplifting fragrance with a strong spirit, passing carefree, freewheeling joy fun, people more confidence and vigor. This is a strange throbbing from life, bit by bit, gently guide people to have calm subtle taste of the beauty of nature.
Top notes: orange, lime fruit, grapefruit, oxygen, ocean breeze
Middle notes: mahogany, red currant, lavender, nuts
End notes: Musk

Gardenia___Contained in bright citrus with a strong apple flavor; keynote is filled with forest atmosphere, subtle fragrance floating musk and warm sweet caramel aroma, touched the hearts of the softest part.

Top notes: orange, lemon, apple, black currant, green hereby incense
Middle notes: jasmine, ylang ylang, raspberry, pineapple
End notes: musk, pine, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood

Ocean___If from the Mediterranean sun and sea. The top notes of rosemary, lavender, lemon and other elements of the perfect fusion, fresh scent can ease the tension, the tune has been added jasmine and lily, hearty flavor is like being in the beach, listening to the sea and the sky calling to make impetuous mood suddenly became as clear and transparent as the sea; warm after taste to the end of patchouli and tree moss, very hot in the cool, they also bring a ray of warmth

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, aldehyde fragrance, rosemary, lavender
Middle notes: jasmine, pineapple, lily, lemon, fruit
End notes: patchouli, tree moss, sandalwood, guaiac

Camellias___Naturally elegant camellias, exudes a subtle fragrance. Refreshing in a little sweet, but sweet but not greasy. Tailwater woody gives camellias delicate flavor

Top notes: bergamot, lemon
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, lily, camellia
End notes: patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, amber, musk

Chrysanthemum___Elegant and charming chrysanthemum filled the entire space, showing the kind of pure and true flavor; which haunted bell orchid, jasmine and iris with a hint of musk, more floral charm.

Top notes: bergamot, bergamot, spike lavender, violet leaves, lemon, geranium
Middle notes: ylang ylang, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, iris, sage
End notes: vanilla, musk, cedar, zero Coumadin, honey

Woody___Fresh lemon wrapped in luteolin, revealing delicate, simple temperament; velvety sandalwood and amber mellow Yufu complementary mixing a mysterious atmosphere, the contemporary urban white-collar fortitude, calm and sensual fully exposed, bringing people can not forget the unique character and rich content.
Top notes: bergamot, mandarin orange
Middle notes: sage, luteolin, tarragon
End notes: cedar, sandalwood, amber

Starry___White lily petals wrapped in a rich aroma layered blend of vibrant and lush and sensual freesia carnation, combined into an elegant and stylish composite flowers, cypress after taste with soft amber and musk accompanied by gentle thawing. Mild flavor seemed charming and naive in an instant perfect outline that brilliant, quiet, sexy summer night.
Top notes: lotus, freesia, cyclamen, melon
Middle notes: peony, carnation, lily, lily of the valley
End notes: cedar, musk, kenaf, sandalwood

Angel___Faint fragrance of tobacco, mixed with a hint of a lengthy lonely, as if wandering in the mist lingering col; attendant amber, warm very quiet; unique sensual aroma, slowly integrate into the emotional tone, light Tobacco thick Yu Xiang added wood incense, filled with the good memories of the past.
Top notes: spike lavender, bergamot, ozone, green, sandalwood, geranium, clove, cedar
Middle notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, cedar, rose
End notes: musk, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, moss, cedar, vanilla

Fall___Top notes of fresh fruit draped ocean flavor, cheerful and sweet; filled with happiness white bouquet with a slightly musky, exudes a pleasing atmosphere and hearty Fang
Top notes: fresh fruit, citrus, sea
Middle notes: white bouquets, roses, almonds
End notes: pink, musk, red

Ancient incense___Peach sweet jasmine and roses with a elegant fragrance. Then pinned leisurely woody doped to form an aromatic repeated warmer atmosphere
Top notes: sandalwood, musk, hyacinth, lemon grass
Middle notes: Miscellaneous lavender, apple, chamomile
End notes: tongue orchid, magnolia, jasmine, rose

Bamboo___He is still around us, those who adhere to what. They understand that life is carefully written, clear cloud is life. Subservient is a lifetime, magnanimous chic is life. These free and happy soul, standing in a lonely camp, becoming more and more precious alternative earth, wind and rain off, the faint fragrance exudes a unique, Yangtianchangxiao.
Top notes: geranium, lily of the valley, bamboo, freesia
Middle notes: chamomile, cinnamon, incense birch
End notes: cedar, amber, moss

Grapes___When the grapes do not mature skin is emerald green. Like so many like jasper jade, crystal clear. Every autumn, ripe grapes. Because many grape varieties, so sizes and colors. White, purple, green, red in the next big green grape leaves, hanging from a string crystal clear grapes, purple, dark green, round, like those many gems of different colors, exposure to which is like entering Jewelry world. gently clawed grape skins, a tender flesh presented in front of you. translucent flesh looks like crystal, like agate. exudes a charming fragrance.
Top notes: sour grapes, lemon, lilac
Middle notes: cinnamon, lilies, tulips, sandalwood
End notes: green apple, jasmine

Pomegranate___Pink pomegranate fruit, which has a small enough as nails Gail like "Crystal", appears to be very full. Glowing skin is very smooth, emitting a seductive scent, mouth watering.
Top notes: hyacinth, agave, cinnamon, verbena, gardenia
Middle notes: tangerine, ylang ylang, peach
End notes: vanilla, sugar cane, apples

Tulip__Elegant, lotus, Aromatic, nines, fragrant four should, slim, Hong Yuan Yi Qing
Cloves are elegant, quiet and beautiful. Cloves are reading like a girl, do not head with flowers and heart-shaped leaves a lot of refreshing. A lot of people every day, smell the fragrance of lilacs in the atmosphere, but they ignore its existence, but it is so small that exudes a rich aroma, is very magical!

Cherry___We do not have to appreciation of her beauty, just to be able to quietly sniffing her breath Ya Fang, sipped her thin BingJie, enjoying it like a dream generally cherry. Overlapping petal petals pink is so exactly to their office, powder Debu vulgar, but the kind of faint aroma hearts forever.

Green tea___Slightly bitter, astringent faint, clear fragrance, alcohol, alcohol Gan.

Smell like lemon, which has mixed with the smell of lavender and jasmine, it feels fresh and joy
Top notes: lemon, lavender, mint, green tea
Middle notes: sweet orange, grapefruit
End notes: musk, ylang ylang