Statement notices

Yiwu Aroma Crafts Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the Company ) is a Chinese registered No. 7,689,085 , " fragrant workshop " trademark rights owners, in 2009 from that of the trademark products sold around the world, has recently been checked in Kaohsiung, Taiwan PanJunMing unscrupulous operators registered in Taiwan grab our trademark , the name of unscrupulous operators who had between last year I ordered " fragrant workshop " essential oil products this year that spin between deliberate counterfeiting of our products to consumers in Taiwan pretended change the new packaging , self pseudo sold in Taiwan called Taiwan distributor , declared that in this event the Company for this

First, the Company has not authorized any third parties to manufacture our products in his or Taiwan .

Second, the Company has not authorized any third party to establish the general agent in Taiwan, the only authorized dealer established in Taiwan .

Third, the company has commissioned a professional lawyer Taiwan infringement lawsuit to the local court objection to the application to revoke the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

Unworthy of industry trademark .

Fourth, the products produced by the Company are approved by SGS EU certification test marketing around the world , if operators have on the Company

Sale of trademarked products have any interest or questions , should be directly or contact our authorized direct contact with the company's business sector

The dealers , in order to avoid the purchase of unsolicited goods , causing damage to their own interests , in addition to this the Company will be issued in addition to counterfeiting industry

This statement shall be a public reprimand and held accountable for their wrongful tort liability, and pray for each industry hope to avoid being deceived by unscrupulous operators to buy

Or selling counterfeit products , the French Open and injuries caused by misuse dance and I do not know their rights , fearing legal

Ruthless , injuring innocent people.

Fifth, near to the Company on the network from unauthorized vendors have been found to have deliberately Secretary of counterfeit goods, and marketing in the market , in addition to the Division has

Gathering evidence outside of and retain all civil and criminal legal recourse rights .

Sixth, the image below shows counterfeit goods , the Company sold goods produced packaging image has been announced on the website , please Taiwan local

Consumers to be careful when purchasing .

Hereby declare publicly known .